About Peace Action Education Fund

Peace Action Education Fund is at the forefront of the peace movement here in the United States, inspiring our country to bring about and maintain a culture of peace. 

We envision a world where reliance on military power to solve international tension is replaced by diplomacy and international cooperation as the most practical and effective way to resolve conflicts. We strive for a world in which governments prioritize human needs over the production, distribution, and use of weapons.

Toward these goals, Peace Action Education Fund works to free the world from the scourge of nuclear weapons, promotes government spending priorities that support human needs, and advocates for a foreign policy that embodies respect for human rights, all fundamental changes in current U.S. foreign and military policy.  

The Peace Action Education Fund works to promote its mission through the media, public education, coalition, and advocacy work. We provide national campaign coordination to a network of grassroots groups, many of which are chapters of Peace Action. We provide for the training of local activists and volunteers, public mobilization, hosting of strategy meetings for lead organizers and developing new leaders through the Peace Action Education Fund’s Student Peace Action Network. Peace Action Education Fund connects its grassroots network to other national and international peace and disarmament organizations, as well as to policymakers in the Administration, Congress, and the United Nations.

 Peace Action Education Fund is nearly 100% supported through the generous contributions of individuals, as well as grants from approved private and family foundations. Peace Action Education Fund is a registered 501(c)(3) organization, our Tax ID number is 52-1554826.

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